Boyfriend is a chef.. What should I get for his birthday?

He's very picky when it comes to his career. I am definitely cooking him something since he said that's "all he wants", taking him to a Halloween event (we planned this prior, but ill be paying which he doesn't know), taking him to a restaurant (not sure which yet), buying him framed picture of his favorite animal, and I'd like to get him one more thing related to his career: a chef.

I know it looks like a lot, but man he does SOOO much for me. He deserves it.
I was thinking a cookbook.. But there's soo many out there. I even stupidly asked him if he's had his eyes on any, lol. Because im dumb, thats why.
any chefs out there can help?


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  • While I never completed Chef School (I decided I liked the hobby of being a Chef, but I didn't enjoy the JOB of being a Chef), I can tell you that a Chef hold his equipment in the same light as an artist. Unless you know exactly what brand and type of equipment he likes, it will be hard to find him something he will use. For example, I have a lot of cookbooks, that people have given me, I use only one.

    However, I think this website

    Has the best ideas for someone looking for a gift for a Chef.


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  • well why would you cook him something and take him out to a restaurant as well? maybe take him out for drinks rather than food, and cook him dinner.
    i think you should get him a really nice knife set, or a knife sharpener. maybe some new wooden cutting boards or new utensils.
    or if he has a kitchenaid buy some new attachments for it to make ice cream/pasta or whatever. i think it all really depends on his style.
    if he likes kind of unique/quirky stuff look on this site for ideas
    i love cooking and baking and i think some of these are really cool haha :)


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  • a good knife is always a good gift for a chef. good knife sets can costs a good deal but you could get him one nice knife

  • yes make him some dinner. Give him an BJ and if he likes Gin you can give him a homemade gin set.(Google: homemade gin kit what-should-i. com)


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  • Grilling set?

    Sine cooking sets.