Do you think there are more genders than male and female?

In the LGBTQA+ spectrum, there are so many other genders than male and female. These include Non-binary genders, Agender, Genderfluid, Otherkin, etc. And I want to know what opinions YOU guys have on them :D


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  • Well, personally I prefer to keep genders as male and female. You go up to a doctor with health issues and say you're "otherkin" and you're about to have some issues. I think 'gender' is the wrong term people are using here. I think there should be a clear difference between the wordings of your actual gender, and then whatever you feel like identifying as. Gender = biological. ? = Whatever you identify as.

    I really don't care what you call your sexuality, but then again don't get mad at me because that was the first time I've heard 'pansexual' or whatever it is, I'm not obliged to research everything about a kind of sexuality I will likely never encounter.

  • no that's just stupid. lgbtq people are idiots.


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