Work issues. How to address this?

So, I live in Latin America, Spanish speaking country but where I work people speak English.

I passed the English test, had a good interview and they hired me before getting my BA.

Since that day I have been struggling with the language. I perfectly understand everything but I am scared/afraid to speak in English.

I feel that I am not good enough at it and I compare myself with Americans or people from my country that studied in the US.

People say I'm good at it but when I hear them it is frustrating.

How can I gain confidence? The same fear has been there for 3 years now.


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  • Hey, if your spoken English is nearly as good as your written English, you really have nothing to worry about at all! Your written English is exceptionally good, you must therefore also have a very good technical understanding of the language and it's therefore very likely your spoken English sounds correct and natural too, just with a Spanish accent. And trust me - a Spanish accent makes for beautiful sounding English! :)

    All you can really do to build confidence is practice I'm afraid, there's no magic answer. I'm sure you'll find the feedback you receive will be positive. It may also be helpful to practice on your own or at home with family if they speak English too - even singing English language songs might help get you more comfortable with hearing yourself speak English.

    I really think you have nothing to worry about though - try to be brave, you should be proud of your language skills, they're great! :)

    FYI I'm English and at work I've spent many years working closely with overseas teams speaking English. Your written English is as good as the best I have seen from such teams.


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  • Your English sounds fine to me.


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  • You passed the test! You understand everything. Just talk to people. Practice makes perfect. IF you have a close friend at work ask him/her to correct you. Same with friends outside of work.
    Read & repeat out loud what your reading.

    I loved this one Mexican restaurant. The older lady that owned it still had her quirks. If someone ordered "Beef" enchilada suiza she'd ask "Chicken or beef" So what. I understand in Spanish it would be "Enchilada suiza beef" It didn't matter. We still got our point across.
    It's a little hard phrasing your statement 100% correct. When I was getting OK at speaking Spanish my friend told me I'm good at it just try not to substitute Spanish words for the English words. She completely understood me. That's all that mattered. She'd help me with saying it properly.

  • Wow I live in America (California) and I want to learn more Spanish. I have been to some jobs where they speak more Spanish than English!!! Just be glad you are bilingual that means so much here. One of my kids is learning Spanish in school and I want her to be bilingual!

  • i got comfortable speaking Spanish i learned in school via playing counterstrike w/ people in other countries (by talking on the headphones while playing).

    i'll Skype audio you if you need practice =D

  • you can start by messaging me so you can practice and we can see how good your English is


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