Girls, I need help with life im all alone. Can you help me?

Right now im all alone in this world. I have 7 brothers ( all 7 hate and ignore me and im the only girl in my family ) , my mom died and my dad doesn't care about me , my best/only friend left a week ago to live in holland ( i called her and she doesn't even remember my name) . There are soooo many things happening and i have questions but i have know one to talk to. So please help me in any way you can.


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  • drakeymcmb4life@hotmail. com

    this is my email. i also live in holland, if you need anyone to talk to dont feel hesitated!! I'll always reply fast.

  • Just hope for somebody every day, thats what I did once I begged for a friend and then I got one like a few days after begging eventually it'll happen