What is your "Bucket list"?


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  • -become a practicing physician
    -marry a man I love who I also consider my best friend
    -have healthy children and provide a happy life to them
    -go camping... the full-out experience of hiking, scary stories & songs & marshmallows around a campfire, potentially fishing but fish kinda scare me
    -do some form of Doctors without Borders or global medical brigade and provide medical care to underserved countries
    -donate a lot of money to charities trying to raise money for cures/treatments of rare diseases (especially scleroderma)
    -laser hair removal everywhere that needs it so I never have to deal with anymore body hair again lol
    -meet a boyband
    -attend a KCon (Kpop convention)
    -hang glide in Switzerland (I've been there and saw it done, but it never happened)
    -become a contestant on The Amazing Race and not get knocked out first
    -go on a gameshow and hopefully do well! (NOT Deal or No Deal though, I can't handle shows that rely 100% on chance)
    -get rid of my acne scars as much as I can
    -learn to knit or sew and make outfits and blankets for my children and grandchildren
    -learn to cook my mom's super secret chicken salad finger sandwiches... many of her friends have tried her recipe but no one can do it like my mom. She died last year, so I hope one day I can figure it out!
    -write a script for an episode of a childrens' horror TV show
    -witness the pyramids of Egypt and other world wonders
    -go to Ireland with my two cousins


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  • Since I've crossed most off, the list is now short.

    * release video game I'm making and start video game company, status is in progress
    * save money to buy a series of rental properties, I just moved out of my 3 bedroom place into somewhere very tiny saving me $2k a month, so status is in progress
    " compete in the world series of poker, status is on hold
    * save $1 million for retirement, status is at about 10% with 25 years to go so in progress
    " travel to all continents except the frozen one, status is 3 down 3 to go


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  • Cure the bitterness in people!

  • it's too damn long to write it down lol

  • To get a pet.

  • Living is on my bucket list.

  • to travel and have many spontaneous fun experiences and lol to have as much good sex as possible :(


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  • have sex i doubt i will ever have sex i am 20 years old and i doubt it will ever happen thats all i want