Why do people post pictures of self harming?

I was scrolling through instagram and this girl posted a picture of her in the bath with visible self harm scars and the caption was "I wonder how quick I can turn these bubbles red. I wonder how thick the water will get"
Honestly what is the point of posting shit like that? I used to have a problem with cutting myself and it was honestly kind of triggering for me. So its certainly not helping people...
I have never posted a picture of my cuts going "Hey everyone look what i did to myself! look how unstable and depressed I am!" When I used to do it I didn't even want to show anyone at all.
Do people have a legitimate reason to post their cuts besides wanting attention?


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  • Wow I'm really sorry that happened to you, I hope you're okay!! <3

    I think probably she did want attention, as in she wanted someone to notice she was hurting probably. But that isn't an excuse for not putting trigger warnings.

    Are you alright? Do you need some distractions or anything to help you feel better?

    • No I think im alright. Thank you though c:

    • As long as you are and you're safe <3

      You're really strong to have overcome self harm, that must have been so hard. I think you're amazing for doing it <3

    • Thank you so much. That means a lot to me <3

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  • It's like you said it's for attention and for self pity and maybe hoping someone cares


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  • yeah I've never understood that either, but I'm pretty sure those who do that are doing it for attention. it's quite evident really that they want to be recognised as someone who does those things, yet they dont wanna be helped.

    if someone REALLY wants help, they'll be freaking ashamed and will actually DO something about it.

  • Its either because they want help or they're doing it for attention.

  • I used to date a guy online who killed him self and then he got saved by a doctor and he before he tried to kill him self he would show pictures of him doing that and he said he even tattooed his eye and he did those things because was upset that I wanted to be single

  • Its a cry for help usually...


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