Anyone ever backpack through Europe or South America?

I really want to travel to Brazil, Chile and Argentina or backpack through Europe. If you have done this before, how long was your journey and how much did it cost?


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  • When I was living in Northern Europe I did some backpacking through Central and Eastern Europe once, for about 10 days, solo. It was great and I totally recommend it. This was about 15 years ago so prices will have changed but not by much. I did it on the cheap and would generally spend (in dollars or equivalent) about 25-35 per night for a private room somewhere, maybe 5-10 for food (including some very nice sit-down restaurants), 10-40 for train or bus travel, 3-5 for taxis, plus basically nothing for souvenirs (all I wanted was memories). It was a lot of fun, a real formative experience. Romania, which I saw on that trip for the first and only time, is to this day one of my top three countries worldwide.

    Western Europe would be waaaay more expensive, of course. I wouldn't book much in advance if I were you. I didn't. I went during an off-season too. I'd go in spring or fall. Also bear in mind the inexpensive hotels are often as cheap as hostels, and offer far superior accommodations and service.

    Have fun and good luck. :)


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  • I've been to Chile, Argentina and Brazil, not as a backpacker though, just for short holidays. I did a road trip from Bolivia to Argentina, Argentina has a lot of interesting places to go to, my trip was 15 days in total, there are wonderful cities over there. I dont know much about Chile as I went just to Santiago and Arica, Santiago is very nice, but is just another big city for me, so nothing unique to be honest. Brazil is BEAUTIFUL! I'd say that a couple of weeks there would not hurt haha, so soo many awesome places to visit, I highly recommend it.
    In south america, the most expensive country would be Brazil, I haven't visited in a few years, but I know that hostels are around 10 to 25 dollars, but it also depends on the city, I think Sao Paulo would be the most expensive.. I dont know much about prices but I know that South America is worth it! lol I am from over there and I can say it is a wonderful place, every country is really different from each other and the culture is very interesting :)


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  • Pretty sure both would be awesome but Europe would be safer.


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