Should I get some facial surgery done?

I hate how i look soo much it has acctually ruined my life because i developed social anxiety and low self esteem because of it and it has been like this for five years and i barely even leave my house because i hate how i look. I know this sounds shallow but it's just how i am and i know it;s a big flaw. i know that if i got surgery it would make me feel a lot better


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  • a lot of people will tell you that youbshould be happy with your face because it's natural. I think that's a bs reason tonnot to. You need to contrast the positives and the negatives, such as price and possible complications, and decide if it's worth the risk. If it is don't go the cheap way. Higher as expensive a surgeon you can affordnthis is literally a decision that'll affect the rest of your life

  • It is your body, if you feel it will help do what you think is best.