Can someone adore you without respecting you?

Or 'like' you as a friend without respecting you?


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  • I think so?
    Story; I knew this girl I really liked. There were a lot of physical things, her eyes, hair, voice & a nice body W/ no boobs witch is fine by me. Nice personality.
    I lost respect for her the more I got to know her. She couldn't keep a job. Never her fault. She had 2 DUI's. I'm not sure if her kid was from a marriage. The list goes on. You get the idea.


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  • I don't think so... usually if you don't respect someone then it becomes difficult to like them as a person due to lack of respect. For example, the people I don't respect I can't really find much good to say of them and definitely wouldn't "adore" them. I can't really be friends with people I don't respect either.


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  • No. When I adore someone, this Person is everything to me and I have as much respect to her as I would have to a king or queen.

    • How about in a non-romantic girl to girl way

    • How do you mean? I dont understand. Make a longer text explaining what you want from me please 😂 you mean a lesbian thing? How would I know about lesbians? Im a guy.

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  • for me personally, this is impossible.