Do you have a song that you listen to whenever you are feeling down and depressed?

This is song always makes me realize things are not so bad. Its an oldie, but a goodie.

And this song always cheers me up for some reason. (ignore the crazy video, not sure what thats all about lol)


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  • Mr. Bojangles by Sammy Davis Junior has always helped me through some tough times. My father introduced it to me and I've always really liked his music taste. It reminds me of my father, when he used to wear his leather jacket and how he smelled of cigarettes. I listened to it through some good times so I listen to it to make me feel better!
    I also listen to Static by Jukebox the Ghost because I enjoy the energy it creates and I listened to it when I was really depressed it gave me a lot of strength.


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  • Eric Johnson Cliffs of Dover is the happiest song I know. Here Comes the Sun is great too


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  • I listen to mozart when I'm studying and if I am not studying I will listen to lyrics that reflect my thoughts - if I'm thinking about somebody I miss I will listen to songs about "missing" you and if I am feeling lonely I will sing songs like "we are the world." and if I am bored I will listen to songs that are designed to entertain like "don't stop believing."

  • I have quite a few but this is one of my favorites.


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