I feel like i'm worthless and its bothering me so much and my dad keeps bringing me down. What should I do?

I cry almost everynight. i feel like life isn't worth living. I feel worthless. My dad doesn't belive i can do certain things and my goal is to make him happy but he is never happy. I cna't take it anymore. He constantly makes fun of me and never motivates me to do anything, but always DE-motivates me. I had enough and can't talk it anymore.


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  • I know it's easier said than done, but you cannot allow others to dictate how you feel about yourself. People who put you down will never see the good you do because they don't want to: they want to put you down, that's it. I know it hurts, especially since he's your father... but you have to complete YOUR goals for YOU. Because once you take that power away from your dad, the more likely he'll realize that he's wasting his time. The best revenge in the world is to SUCCEED.

    • thank you for commenting and to succeed for me is tough cause i have always failed at things.

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    • I know how you feel. I've been there. But you have to get tough. It's not easy, it never will be, but you have to FORCE yourself to push through. If you give up you will be a failure. If you refuse to quit, you never fail.

    • thank you. i guess i will continue on then

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  • You're depressed. You should find someone you trust to talk about this with.


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  • Honey I think it's time you moved out and maybe start a life for yourself anywhere else. Some people are toxic in life and it's sad but sometimes those people are your parents

    • i wish my dad would motivate me and not bring me down all the time. This kills my self esteem and confidence. I truly feel like i'm worthless and can't do anything in life.

    • You're a man now you can't rely on him for that anymore. He's proven to you he's not worthy. You need to take this in your own hands then look back and go realise everything you accomplished was because of you. You are not worthless

    • thanks, i can try too

  • Move out? Tell him to stfu. Block him outta ur mind, cuz if he says that shit, then all he is , is shit...:) don't listen to him

    • i guess so, it's just tough at times :/ also this is off topic but your name (marika) is that a greek name

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    • It's just not spelled the usual Ukrainian way:mariyka

    • oh ok. I hope you don't take this in a weird way or something but you look beautiful.

  • What you should do is stop thinking about what makes your dad happy and start thinking about what makes you happy. Trust me I've been there now I've never been more confident and happy.

    • how ddid you overcome it?

    • Exactly as I said I realized no matter what I do my mother would always have a negative opinion of it so it was just better to just not care about what she thought and just do what made me happy once I stopped caring I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    • oh oh ok. I guess i need to do that. Thank You

  • Listen to yourself! Go proof him that you can do so much more than your dad thinks. If you don't start feeling happy than your dad won. So go out there and proof him wrong!

    • thank you for commenting but i feel as if i don't have any willpower to do that, i'm in shcool for a career i dont really like and i'm just not happy at all with life

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    • Stop listening to your dad for once and do what you like. Cause at the end you gonna have to live your life and not him.

    • yes that is true and you're correct

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