Have you ever been caught in a tardy sweep at school?

My high school yesterday, had all day tardy sweep. Any student late to class, received automatic two days of lunch detention.

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Yes I was caught in this tardy sweep yesterday afternoon, lunch detention #1 today, fuck!


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  • I have myself spent one year at an American high school and I think this whole control-obsession is something very silly and rather ridiculous about the American school system. When I lived in America, I often felt treated like a little child. I was 18 but contrary to my home country Switzerland where high schools and high school teachers treat you like the young adult you are, in my American high school I often felt treated like I had been 13 or so. I think it would be more productive if American high schools would educate their kids to be more self-responsible than punishing them for every little rubbish and creating 5,000 different rules and regulations that the students have to adhere to. I also don't believe that detentions actually have any positive effect on a student's behavior (and they're also a waste of time for the teachers who have to watch the students in detention).
    High schools in Switzerland function more like colleges in America, especially in the last two years. When you oversleep and come late to class, you simply sneak into the classroom, quietly sit down and act as though nothing happened. Most teachers will see you but not even interrupt themselves and simply continue speaking (similarly to when you sneak into a lecture at college and the professor just carries on). Some teachers also say "good morning, please have a seat" and then they continue. Theoretically, I could have even skipped classes completely and nobody would have cared much. However, the high amount of freedom you get comes at the price of also having to own up to your responsibilities and duties as a young adult. For example in our high schools it is clear for everyone that you alone are responsible for your exams and grades. You are free to come late to class every day or skip classes but nobody will even care or take notice if you get bad marks at exams and feel miserable about it. Personally, I think this system is much better. Teenagers should be given more rights and freedoms in America and be treated according to their age. Punishing people for being late or doing tardy sweeps is ridiculous. Instead, American high schools should tell their students "look, it's very simple. You can come late if you want to but you'll have to live with the consequences." Later in life, when you're employed, your employer won't give you detention, he will simply say "look, you come late too often, you're fired". So kids should be taught that their actions have immediate consquences.

    • wow you summarize my whole High school life @BlueCoyote I am in college and I wish they would have treated me more like an adult then a child.

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  • yes, and yes got detention


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  • wtf is a tardy sweep?

    • If you are still in the hallway, and not in your class before the bell rings, you are tardy. Sometimes, High Schools decide anyone who is tardy during a tardy sweep, gets detention.

    • @ljkjkjkhkhkhf ahh well that is really dumb, glad they didn't do that when I was in high school.

  • That is pretty severe I never heard of that when I was in school.

  • Never happened at the school where I went to, but once my Afrikaans teacher said " I will know when you skip my class". Naturally I was like:



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  • I did but I didn't show up for dentention!

  • We don't have tardy sweeps in my country. Or at least I've never heard of it. We don't get detention or anything like that for being late to class, not in the schools I went to anyway.