Isn't being a male friend to a female a bad thing?

She doesn't view you as Mr. Sex beast top dog. She doesn't view you are a provider male. She's placing you on the same level of her female friends or lower. She will talk to you about hot guys she let pump her with hot stinky sperm. She will go on and on about her drama to you. She ain't gonna play football with you or help you move... no, no you'll help her move shit from her house. You'll sleep at her house while she fucks with Chad big dick in the other room. You are the male friend.

-Mr Sex Beast top dog big dick.
Isn't being a male friend to a female a bad thing?

-Provider/Father material male

-Male friend: No sexual appeal, not husband material, but is useful for being women's verbal tampons. Women will chat with him about how they sucked a musclebound jerks dick near a trashdump.


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  • Lol, my two best friends are guys. I love them to death. <3 One of them is like a brother to me. I would never date either one of them, haha. #justfriends

  • you need to make your intentions clear with a girl... you act like a doormat you will get treated like one (by the immature and mean ones anyway)

    I have a neighbor I do a lot for and he reciprocates. We are friends... nothing more and nothing less and I treat him like I would want to be treated.


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