Do you ever get calls where you're like "now why would that certain place be calling here?"?

My dad works with phones for a living so he's always getting calls from different cities buttttt, we just got a call from the area code 561, which happens to be the county of Palm Beach, in FL. It includes cities like West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Boca Raton in the state and we don't know anybody in FL other than my cousin in the Orlando area. Why would they be calling us?


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  • I have gotten a bunch of those, in my case they were all telemarketers or some sort of scam. If it is a scam most of the time you can google the phone number and see if other people have had the same thing. I usually do not answer them, google them, and if it is sketchy, block it and forget it.


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  • i get them quite a bit. i assume they're bill collectors, scammy telemarketers or some jerk off telling me to vote for so and so. needless to say i never answer the phone.