What to do when an alchoholic goes back to alchohal after rehab?

Hi all, last year have been very tough on me and my mother. My father was in a rehab for 6 months. He was an alchoholic for a very lomg time. My parent usually had arguments because of his addiction. He fell ill last year and finally afyer a long treatment we felt need for help and sent him to a rehab. six months into rehab we were just allowed to meet him once a month for an hour. My father was determined that he doesn't want to go back to drinking. His stay at rehab ended we appointed a full time counceller for him. His councellor spent the entire day with him no matter where he went. But still he found that one moment of alone time and drank. he was a heavy drinker and still is. My dads elder brother helped and took him to his place to help him out, he doesn't drinks with him. but whenever he comes to meet us he drinks heavily. i really don't know what to do? All i feel is a resentment towards him. my mother doesn't love him but is financially dependent on him. Plus I belong to a culture where divorces are considered bad. i dont know what to do? How to be with him. He is a malacious person he steals to buy his alchohal. what should i do?


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  • it means that rehab doesn't work. the only people change is if they want to, not if they are forced to

  • Beat their ass.


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