How to use UPS Worldwide Express?

I don't live in the US and I want to order something from a company in the US how do I use the UPS Worldwide Express? Casue it says invaild shipping methods and the company ships internationly if I use UPS Worldwide Express but I don't know how?


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  • UPS suck balls!

    • I'm new to it and I agree!

    • I shipped a £700 item with them, a wood burning stove, it was huge and packed on it's own pallet. When it arrived it was practically in pieces! Totally trashed! I then had months and months of fighting with them to get back some of the money, they wanted to pay me £60... buttmunches!

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  • I have never used UPS Worldwide Express but thought I would tell you this. Outside of the USA I think it is extremely expensive. Just letting you know.

  • Have you tried UPS website?

    • Yes I don't know how to use it I feel confused ):

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