Does bullying make that individual feel ashamed of themself?

Peopl who have experienced bullying... do you feel ashamed of yourself even temperarily? '

If so... why?


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  • Yes, it makes you feel as if you're not good enough and question what you did wrong and why you can't be treated like a normal person.

    Bullying whether during your early school years or at work isn't a joke.

    • Is it just a matter of people realizing their self-worth?

    • True but you don't realize that during your childhood to very early teen years. Those are your developmental stages where you just want to fit in and be liked. So getting bullied during those important ages, can affect you at the time. It's not till you're an adult that you learn how to move on from that and turn into your own personality.

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  • Well, humans are highly social animals and therefore have an inherent drive to be accepted by others.[1] Being bullied is being rejected by one or more other people. Since this goes against the inherent urge for acceptance, one automatic reaction is to assume that the rejection was for a reason -- felt as guilt.

    It is only with developed self confidence and, for most people, the confidence that comes from a social support base, that a victim of bullying can continue to feel good about themselves and not internalize the rejection.

    1. This is obviously differently expressed in individual humans. From the very introverted to the highly extroverted, this varies; but the drive is present to some degree in all people.


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  • Being bullied can make you feel like your not good enough and that you did something wrong and deserve it. Nothing could be further from the truth tho but it's hard to see when you feel that way.

  • I don't know.

  • Yes because if you are treated badly for a long amount of time you begin to feel worthless like your nothing and no one can ever like you because your not worth knowing.


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