SO y'all heard of yik yak?

since i have been in college everyone is using this app called Yik Yak. Where yo talk about people without anyone knowing who they are. i think this shit is so damn funny, because guys be looking for sex and be doing the most


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  • Yep, it's a total college thing. Every time I come down to my home town it's dead as fuck.

    I kinda hate it though because people use the exact opposite of my humor on it, and they just steal shit from Facebook to get upvotes. In real life, lots of people think I'm hilarious. Some people on the internet think I am. But on Yik Yak, about 80% of everything I say gets downvoted so much that it's deleted.


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  • I'm seriously out of the loop when it comes to any apps that are out. :D

    • I just found out about this when I came to college

  • I met a dude on Yik Yak actually. We're going on a date next week.

    • that's cool be careful as well. but have fun

    • Darling, I'm always careful. Caution is my middle name.

    • aaaahahahha, I met a guy online , well he was really old, he took me shopping but I took a screw driver and a knife with me lol

  • Never heard of that. But it must interesting to some people.

    • its all about sex, talking shit about people blah, blah , blah

    • I see, that's why people like it.