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Why can't I remember anything about my car accident?

can someone explain this to me... I've always wanted to know. almost five years ago me and my boyfriend were in a serious car accident, we hit a... Show More

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  • well lots of things can make you not remember medically.loss of conciseness , head trauma, shock, medication given at the hospital if you had surgery ther is probably a good 5 days you don't remember much. Because you don't remember be for the crash it may be PTST.when you can't emotional handle something your brain just turns it off. I have PTSD and over 10 years I have remembered a little but sometimes I wish I would never see the flashes from the past. I don't think remembering will give you closer, it may just leave you with more questions.you should talk to your doctor or even a therapist or close friend.Im sorry for your loss.

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  • Why didn't you ask one of your doctors in the hospital about this? :/You probably hit your head, or something. That often makes people lose their memories. Either that or you've repressed them because they're traumatic.

    • I don't know, honestly at that time I didn't want to remember.

    • Can't you just go back and ask them about it now, or something? Why did I get three down votes? :(

  • You might have hit your head, had some nervous system malfunction, or you could have blocked it from your mind. When we (as a human race) are in bad, frightening, hurtful, or heart wrenching situations, we tend to block it out of our minds so we don't go mentally insane or hurt ourselves further.