Do you ever feel too drunk/high to socialize at times?

You ever go to parties and bars and get a little too drunk or stoned that you can't even think of anything to say and you just wanna pass out?

Its happened to me a few times as of late and am starting to get sick of it. For example, you wanna get a buzz going and feel relaxed but sometimes if you over do it, you're so out of it that you can't even think of anything to say. It's not even like I have social anxiety or am super shy but when I get more intoxicated than I want to then I'm not having fun any more.

It's like nowadays when I'm in public, at bars or a party, I prefer having just a few beers and get a little tipsy at most or take a few hits/drags so I feel a little stoned. I mean I do love smoking weed and everything but I feel that getting really baked is best for a concert, when I'm home playing video games, listening to music or just with a few friends hanging out.


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  • No... I don't like feeling out of control, so I don't indulge in that kind of behavior. I'm really glad you've decided to limit yourself... you really don't want to deal with the health effects of alcohol abuse. Have you ever met a cirrhotic patient? It's a horrible way to die.


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  • nope it never happen.

  • No, I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I socialize just fine.


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