Why are people much more likely to video record a serious brutal fight on their phone than break it up?

Like what's this fascination that everyone has nowadays in pulling out their phones right when a fight breaks out just so they can record. And if it gets really out of hand, they will still continue to record rather than breaking it up or at least tell them to stop. If people aren't willing to break up a fight or at least yell at them to stop, is this a sign that humanity is dying? Because there's still a small percent chance that you can die from a fistfight. Very rare but still a chance. Especially if two guys are fighting since the guy fights are much more brutal than girl fights.


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  • Humanity isn't dying. We have always been base, brutal creatures. Think about immense crowds gathering to see gladiators fight to the death in the Colosseum. Our voyeuristic tendencies and interest in blood sports have always been there.

    • True. Girls have always loved those kinda fights. A lot of them used to have sex with the gladiators that won after the fights.

    • Keep in mind the emperors (MALE RULERS) who asked for the fights to begin in the first place.

What Guys Said 1

  • Social media fucked up people's minds