1 more try or forget about her?

Hi. Before 5 years there was a girl working in the same building and she was trying her best to make me ask her out but I never did it I wasn't ready but she didn't said directly lets go on date also there was a bunch of girls that wanted me too. Now every now and then she come up in my mind I mean if I see her now I will ask her out but I don really know if she will accept or refuse I really want to see her but I dont know if this whole idea is wise or its bs part of me really want to see her but I say she maybe married by now or she even refuse bc I refused her many time. What u think I go and find her and ask her out and stop thinking for the rest of my life? Or dont reach her and think about her every now n then?



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  • Probably best for you to not ask her out because it's gonna be kinda risky. She might be married like you said and she possibly lost interest and will now do the same (denying) to you. But if you wanna take the chance then go ahead. Just think twice and make a plan.
    Good luck.


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  • My thoughts are go for it. I'd rather be rejected a thousand times before living with the pain of regret.

  • No one has ever wanted to go out with me so I can't really understand your problem :D

    • Bryan when u look like Andy Garcia and 6.2 and athletic u will know it