Do you want to work in a international multi-billion Hedge Fund?

I absolutely do.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh God I'd kill myself. That sounds incredibly boring lol

    I want to be out and about DOING stuff. Not stuck at a desk.

    And that sounds like a job that would involve living in a big city. Which sounds just terrible. I hate cities lol I need to be outside in the fresh air with the trees and the wilderness.

    • There are many Mega-Hedge Funds in wealthy small towns, like Westport, CT and Greenwich, CT.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Unless it's an executive position with reasonable hours, no.

    • At least you have a chance to become an executive, though. I will definitely try it if I have a chance (and that is why I choose Quantitative Finance as my major).

    • Yeah I get what you mean. I myself want to major in Finance when I start college, as well as minor in Marketing.

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  • No, I want to be a nurse.


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