Is severe deppression a valid excuse to not work and go to school?

i have severe deppression and i am so deppressed i have tried going to school but i am so deppressed that i will just fail all my classes. and there is no way i can work i can barely get out of bed let alone work in any enviorment i can't handle criticism or getting yelled at so thats why i can't work. i dont ever want to leave my room i sleep at least 14 hours a day and i spend the other 10 hours either on netflix or playing video games i dont even leave the house or my bed the only time i leave my room is to use the bathroom and pick up food that i ordered. i am scarred of people and i am afraid to leave my house. i dont like people at all because they are all evil and horrible. my parents are worried about me and want to have me hospitilized again. my diet is shit and all i eat is italian food from a pizzeria nearby that delievers and i also eat chinese food from a chinese food that delievers. what should i do. i dont see my deppression ever getting better so should i just never work or go to school again


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  • Personally, I deal with the same thing and I am very sensitive, I haven't personally used it as an excuse but listen, you can't let your depression eat you up because all your life opportunites will pass you by. Sometime you have to face your fears and buddy you are not alone, I know we are complete strangers but I get up and face my fear everyday and you are definitely not alone. Now your parents just want the best for you, and want you to get better. I still don't think my depression is getting any better but you will never get results like that *snaps* but only due to the fact that it takes time and baby steps. You can't worry about the past but dont worry about the future because tomorrow could never come. What I am saying is to think with an open mind. Yes, I know it's very very hard to do that with depression but just baby steps. You can't run without crawling first. Maybe try dreaming the you could do well in school and go take a class or read about how to get over constructive criticism. As much as I hate being critiqued and criticized, I am slowly learning its apart of life and life is something you can't stop. Anyways, besides my long message, very very best wishes to you with love :) good luck.


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  • What you should do is go see a therapist. I used to be very depressed and it helped me. The first lady I saw did nothing so I asked for someone new and got sent to a woman who really helped me out. It might seem weak and scary and useless but it helps, trust someone with a little experience there.

    As much as it sucks you still got to go to work and school to make money.


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  • Not really, you have to make money somehow.