Girls, Lip balm?

Whenever I put lip balm on, it lasts for about five minutes and then my lips are chapped again, so I'm constantly re-applying my lip balm... What else can I do?


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  • Vaseline! It's the only thing that works for my lips! It keeps then moist and luscious! I recommend it 😌

    • Wow. Never heard about that before O_o I will try that out since i struggle with chapped lips myself.

    • @TheBasil it's great I remeber one time my lips were so chapped the skin was peeling and after a minute of applying vasilene they were so soft and no more chapped lips😌I use it everyday and carry a tub of it around with me

    • Wow! Tried it and really helped. Thanks 👍 :D

  • You could try a different brand of balm. I find eos always stays well. If you want to go an even more natural route, LUSH has great balms, even though they are more expensive.