Winter sweet 16 bday party ideas for a girl who wants to just have a simple stay at home party with a bunch of friend?

Im turning 16 in February and I was gonna have my best friend plan my sweet 16 because my parents are super over protective, should I just do a snowball fight outside? i have just dance downstairs, I have a hot tub outside my house, and a fire pit, but i dont know if thats a great idea since its February... please help! I want it to be fun, not lame!


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  • snowball fights, snow angels, hot chocolate and a movie, then some music and hit it on the dance floor, then cooldown outside, go back in for more hot chocolate and gossip time.

    • haha okay thank you, that sounds fun!

What Girls Said 1

  • Is there any ski resorts around? Go tubing with friends, then hang out at your house with cake and hot chocolate and a movie.