Just had a horrible dream about my boyfriend, what does it mean?

This was my dream:
A building is burning and in total shock, instead of doing to the exit door, I go somewhere else and then don't move at all as if in some type of trance. Then as the flames started approaching my boyfriend gets me out of the building and then we both faint. As we're in the hospital I only have minor burns, recovered quickly but when I asking for my boyfriend, I get told he's on life support, nearly dying with severe burns.

Just then I woke up and started screaming. Weird part is this brings me back to a conversation we had many months ago. He did once said he would go through a burning building if it meant getting me out even if he didn't make it afterwards.


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  • Yes, I am sure dreams do indicate something and that can be connected to real world however will not be in the same terms. Okay, I'll try to clear your mind, I'll give you a link which talks about dream interpretations regarding fire, heat and so on.

    See if it helps you:


    I hope you can relate the things mentioned on the site to something to the dream you are having, at least you will get some idea.

    • Thank you. I just read it.

    • Anyways you said in the last para of your post that he won't hesitate to go into a burning building for you means he is totally devoted to you and will do anything to ensure your happiness and safety. You should be proud of him.


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  • It doesn't mean anything, just your brain playing with you. You are obviously scared of dying and losing your boyfriend, just like everybody else i know. People sometimes have bad dreams, it just happens. Just don't think to much about it and go give your boyfriend a hug! :)

  • He's having sex with your BFF

    • HAH! you must be new to this, she said the building was BURNING, clearly he's secretly gay.

  • Use a dream dictionary


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  • it means this boy cares a lot for you, even if it meant dying for you.