Is it weird when I get close to people on here (GAG), I become much more guarded and discreet?

i am going anon because i want to hurt anyones feeling but in sometimes i have considered deleting my profile because i am getting close to people on this site. I am not as guarded in real life but i am pretty well guarded i am the type of person that won't kiss a guy on the first date (or the second or the third fourth is a maybe) even if i really like him because i dont know how he feels about me and if i get too attached, i am setting myself up for heartbreak.


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  • um. make yourself a couple of ground rules before talking to people. tell these people the rules before you become "close" with them so they know what to expect from talking to you

    • That's a good idea. Thanks.

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  • Oh the gag drama

    • What's that supposed to mean?

    • It means what you're experiencing is a very common phenomena


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  • By the 4th date you should be on your knees baby please.

    • Not for you.

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    • Nope not even for him can't get too attached.

    • Too bad.

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  • Nah, it's normal to be cautious when using the Internet. You can't always tell if someone is being who they say they are, so it's understandable you're feeling this way.