I can't get any help?

so you know when you are depressed or physically hurting yourself or you are s u cidal your told to tell people, but what if you do you will get in trouble? because im all of thoses things and i can't tell anyone ( except you guys) i will get in trouble by my nonna ( i live with her) i realy want to tell someone but i can't because they will tell and i will get in trouble. i know i will because last time my grandma yelled at me and she didn't even hug me. this has put souch stess on me. so what do you think?


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  • Ok have some 🍫🍪🍬🍧
    Just be calm
    Sometimes life sucks but we should survive
    I'm a survivor and been through a lot of things but still happy
    So find some cute little things to be happy and always smile cause it can melt anyone 😊

  • OMG! U r soooo cute! Im not just saying that, u r actually someone i would date if i was around your age. Just think about the good stuff in life. U'll miss out on really good stuff like bfs and doing the things u wanna do. Trust me things will get better if u work towards them.


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