About traveling alone? Is it sad or empowering?

Basically if anyone has expierence with traveling by themselves that'd be greatly appriciated.

I consider myself quite adventerous but then not that adventerous. I like to have plans and be safe at all times. So no doubt I prefer groups or at least one other person. But as it stands I have three months between college and work and no one to travel with, at least not the whole time. And frankly I'm a little scared to do it by myself.
I don't know if it's gonna be a terrible expierence or great one? I guess it's like one of those if it doesn't kill it'll make you stronger things, but while you're actually does it feel awful? Sad? Overwhelming? Intimitading?

Call me sexist but I feel safer and better when I'm with a guy, espevcially while traveling. It's nice to have someone to lean on, but that's just not gonna happen either. It'd be ok for a week or two, I've done that a few times in countries closer to home. But i don't know being all alone, for that long would frankly be too much?


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  • I have traveled all over Europe in many countries and most of those journey I was alone. I was enjoying it every time. But I must admit sometimes I felt the need to have someone with me. Anyone. One of my best firmed or maybe a girl, to share with them the experience.


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  • its not sad, you're traveling and you will meet people and make new friends along the way, trust.

  • I liked it, did motorcycle tours all over Europe but I don't have your anxieties.


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