Do you have to write a character profile for all of your characters?

I am writing a, story about a adult with a disabilities in love with someone who is normal , but the guy doesn't know these yet.
So would I have yo write a whole profile on all the characters in my story or not? I want to be a, writer so bad I want yo write novels
I do have a little bit of autism in me. I don't usually ask for the kind of help with my story's. I like writing story's because it's like I am in the adventure or love story and I feel it's me I want to get lost in my characters. Any help well be grateful. I still don't know what state it should take place in like Florida , California north Dakota south Dakota I mean those are ideas let me know which state you like of those.


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  • Well I'm really terrible in creative writing so I wouldn't know really lol.


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  • It's very good practice. Even if characters don't know each other well yet, you as the writer should know each character inside and out, like the back of your hand, so that you can write them consistently. Making things up on the go works for some people, but a great majority of people just end up with shallow/inconsistent characters.

    My personal rule is that you should be able to write a 10-page biography on any character who's age 13 or over.

    As for where it should take place... that can affect the characters and the story. Like if it takes place in Florida, one character could have hobbies which involve the beach or something. Or if you think snow is romantic, the couple huddled together by a fire with hot cocoa, then Florida and California wouldn't be great choices. Personally, I like South Dakota out of those.

    • That's were I was going south Dakota seems I don't know how to but but kind of half busy people have fun people you know what mean like up beat.

    • I mean the billy's are already going to be mean so they probably Bern through rough childhood. The min character is amanda she as these crush in a really nice guy who is three years old then her. But he is already with another teenage girl. Who really doesn't like Amanda wanting her man. Things change and Amanda like well drop her notebook not knowing she did and theses Mitchell guy well pick it up and being it to is house and read it etc. It's going to be great I am stick with south Dakota


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  • It depends. You should have some type of bio for the important characters but it isn't necessary for the not so important characters.


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  • Sure I would love to help!

    • Writing profile would help you understand your characters and develop them more and I like Florida out of the states you listed!