Why do people block you when theyre wrong and you try to convince them and prove it?

id understand when a teenager does this as they dont have the maturity and skills to face it but why 20 somethings? lol

a lot of these feminists types argue with me on facts known to man. one time, she kept arguing a womens physical peak is after her 30s and that a mans deteriorates faster. i kept telling her that her eggs are best before that and provided some supporting info... i had 100 medical references in my arsenal.

i come back to respond to her and i was blocked.

whats wrong with these thin skinned crazy people of the world? how do they hold professional jobs and relationships?


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  • Tell me about it I'm a teenager and I've been on this site since 2013 I've been blocked by several adults that act like children and have yet to block a single soul -_-

  • Because you made their heart burn with rage. Don't worry about it.


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