Thinking of moving out. What pointers do you have to help me?

I am planning to over out soon. This will be the first time I will be out of my families house. I found a place that is asking for 250. dollers in rent. I make a little more then 500 every 2 weeks. I will be renting a room. Any advise you would give me?

I looks at my income and my bills and it. looks like with paying for everything and putting 200 away each month in savings I will still have about 200 in spending money each month.


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  • Stupid lol should be saving. If you don't have to I wouldn't.

    • Well... I am getting a little stir crazy living with my fam lol.

    • I can understand but I'd really try and tough it out. Money makes you more happy lol. Fck the poor people that say it doesn't.

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  • Im in a very similar situation. Things will be kinda tight but you can make it. If you Cut down on extra expenses.. Things you dont need/ that can wait. Add up your bills first, pay them right away. Also generic brands are great. I have become very fond on genetics. Its tough but I make it work.


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  • Save as much money as possible, watch your expenses, and have fun! Life's a great adventure :-)

  • Try to keep your good friends, don't blow all your money before the end of the month or you get a little hungry, look for opportunities to improve your income, and resist credit card debt. Have fun


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