Lets Play A Game?

Tell me something wild and crazy about yourself, It can be anything. The one who gets the most Upvotes wins MH


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  • It's a bit crazy, I once moved over 100 miles away because my brother ate my cereal. I woke up, my cereal was gone so I packed my bags and moved to live with my friend in the city that very day. My mom didn't quite believe me until I told her I'd got a job.

    • Oh wow lol how long were you gone or did you never come back to live at home again? You will be getting MH It looks like soon

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    • I said to much here and my stalkers can use this against me.

    • Thanks for mho :)

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  • I was about to have sex with my best friends sister, he walked in right while we were getting undressed, I jump out of the window, ran like hell and avoided him for 6 months haha XD


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  • Once this lady was making her demonstration cheese sandwich in a dept store at the mall. She was advertising the brand new pots and pans. I thought it was a free sample so I took it and ate it. I basically stole her demonstration. You should have seen her face! Looked exactly like 😦 oops

  • I pierced my belly button and got infected really badly. I still have the scar.
    I stole a kitten by jumping over the neighbors fence.
    I walked 20 miles in sky high heels to see a boy -the terrain was rocky and hilly.

  • shouldn't i win this contest?


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