What do girls say when they are ACTUALLY not angry?

Everyone has heard that "I'm not angry", "I'm fine", and "why would I be upset?" actually mean that she's plotting to stab you in your sleep and stuff your carcass with rubber chickens... So what would a woman say if she were ACTUALLY not angry?

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  • Fenixx? is that you? Fucking quit it...
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  • Probably the same thing but with an explaination of why I wouldn't be mad.

    • That's never happened to me... I must *really* be fucking up... 😔

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    • What if every indication is that she's a great communicator?

    • Then I don't know. You know her, I don't.

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  • The thing about the whole angry but won't tell you the reason thing is it's a ploy. It's a way to get the moral upper hand and manipulate a guy. Usually it's deployed because they are angry about something but know it will not bear rational examination and discussion.

    If you ask if she OK and she says she fine treat her exactly like what she says she is. Don't show any concern about it. If you do this they will usually tell you what;s wrong because that ploy didn't work and they have to move to plan 'B'.


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