Have you ever read a question and thought, "I know this person"?

I read a question from an anonymous woman earlier and today. It sounded strangely like a situation a female friend and I are experiencing, her age bracket fit her as well. And for a brief moment I thought it was the woman I know. But then I realized the chances of it being her are astronomical.
Then I began to wonder if anyone has discovered someone on gag they know in real life.


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  • Honestly no and I'm suprised.


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  • I seriously hope not.


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  • I've had someone trying to troll me hard for a while now under anonymous.

  • No never. Not that I know of. What was the question about?

    • A falling out and not having any contact for a year. And seeing him every now and then around the city and how awkward it is. How much she misses him and wants to catch up on each others lives. And how to go about doing it.

      Why it made me think it was her for a brief moment was that we had a falling out a year ago. We run into each other on occasion but keep our distance.

    • If there are few details that you think very few chances other people can have, maybe it's her. If I were you, and started talking to her won't cause any trouble, I would do it :p

    • Haha no. It was like a horoscope. Close, but vague enough to fit. There weren't any more details. That's why I only thought it was her for a second.

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