What is that one thing the opposite sex does that drives you crazy? :P and I mean not in a good way?

For me it is when men leave the toilet seat up. -_-
It is so infuriating!
i have fallen into toilet bowls in the middle of the night because of this!
I told my guy friend please put down the toilet seat when you're finished, a female lives here and his response: why dont you leave the toilet seat up for me!!
Ugh! Idiot.
But i digress, what is the one thing the opposite sex does, and even your own sex does that irritates the hell out of ya?

It can be as trivial as what i said or as serious as you'd like, if it is a more serious response than mine say why and try not to generalise. ;)

p. s i hate when females say they dont like girls :( thats my pet peeve for girls


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  • Well, I guess you'd love to have me as flatmate then... cuz I'm one of those few guys who always sits down. My mom taught it to my brother and me when we were little to always sit down even when we pee and it sort of has become a habit for me (I don't know about him). I live together with my girlfriend and our toilet seat is always down 24/7 :-). I have to say that it also bothers me when I go to public toilet and other guys left the seat up before I go into a stall (luckily it doesn't happen so often cuz most guys pee at the urinals and only go into the stalls for pooping).

    Anyways, here are my two things that really bother me:
    About girls: I like girls when they're on their own but I really hate to be around women in a big group. They just tend to become so nasty and vicious. For example I study at university and I see girls in groups doing stuff that guys just wouldn't do. They can be incredibly heartless and mean, both to members of their own sex as well as to members of the opposite sex. I can live with most female qualities that other guys find tough to accept but this one really bothers me. All this constant gossiping and talking behind other people's backs and laughing at people who are outsiders to their own group etc. really gets on my nerves. It also bewilders me because women can be very caring when they're on their own but when they're together with their girlfriend, they often become a bunch of mean, asocial bitches. I also don't understand why many girls always have to do everything together with their girlfriends. I get it: you're in love with your friends. That's alright. But does that really mean you need to drag your friends everywhere, even when you just need to take a piss?
    About guys: Not all, but many guys can be extremely intolerant. Generally speaking, men tend to be more politically conservative and more stuck-up then women and that is something that really bothers me. One attitude that bothers me in particular is this guy-attitude towards homosexuality and gender diversity. When straight guys meet a gay guy, they always feel this intense need to make absolutely sure that they're 100% straight. It has fallen out of fashion to say "homosexuality is disgusting" but it still seems like most straight guys basically want to say to the world "if you're gay, you're disgusting... but that's okay. I'll accept you in your disgustingness as fellow being. It's not your fault. But please, please, don't get too close with your absolutely

    • disgusting disgustingness". It's like many straight guys pretend to be tolerant although they're still ignorant jackasses at heart. I'm straight myself but it still pisses me off. It also pisses me off that many straight guys freak out just because you want to hug them "a little too long" or show a little "too much affection". It's like straight guys believe that a "real" (aka straight) man is not allowed to be physically affectionate. It's an attitude that I find absolutely dumb and childish. Also, when it comes to gender attitude, other guys bother me a lot. For example, I'm quite a feminine guy. But I'm neither gay nor a wanna-be-transsexual. I'm completely fine with who I am. I just happen to be feminine. While girls usually have no problems with this, guys automatically assume that feminine guys must be gay or transsexual or in some kind of way "odd". Intellectually understanding that there are guys who don't fit into the typical macho type of man seems too much for many guys.

    • Appreciate your comment :) and yea it is dumb to pressure men to fit into a certain type of macho male stereotypical identity and not accept someone for who they are. Im glad at least one man knows that homosexuality isn't contagious. ;)
      An your girlfriend is lucky she doesn't have to deal with that seat thing, cause not all guys do it, just some who are a bit inconsiderate.
      Girls tend to do this run in packs kind of thing and i am definitely guilty of it. And with regards to being mean together that is definitely a particular type of girl and most definitely an immature one.

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  • I hate when guys act like players. I hate that girls are so critical of other girls.


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  • The double think and the logic traps. Women more often than men set up a person into a no-win situation of conversation, often when they are annoyed or frustrated because of an entirely unrelated issue.
    Aka the classic manufactured argument.

    • Lol i agree i have definitely done this and i could imagine it feels annoying

    • Worst feeling in the world. No one likes being manipulated, and no one wants someone that they care about and feel no hostility towards creatively trapping them into hostility. People sometimes say that men are physical and women are emotional. If that's the case the male equivilent of the manufactured argument would be to lure a woman into a forked corador, and place big obvious dangerous things down both options, then gently poke the woman with a spear until she picks how she wants to be horrifically wounded... however the obvious trap is never what actually gets them, because concealed spikes swing down from the ceiling or something.

    • lol thats a hell of a description but an accurate comparison

  • Definitely their cryptic way of speaking. Just say what's on your mind damn it!

  • go on and on about how fat they are when they're not. i simply say: uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh...

  • Mistake my general agreeableness for weakness and think they can manipulate me.

  • "I told my guy friend please put down the toilet seat when you're finished, a female lives here and his response: why dont you leave the toilet seat up for me!! "

    he has a point. That complaint goes both ways.

    • yeah but the toilet seat is meant to be used with the seat down. even guys have to use it with the seat down at some point :P

    • Only for dumps. I don't understand how you've fallen into the toilet. Do you just not look at it before hand?

    • it hasn't happened to me in a while but when i was younger my brother would leave the seat up and i would get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night with the light off and be sleepy. But the seat being up and i being unaware of this led to some disastrous results lol. Needless to say i wasn't sleepy again after that and i always put on the light

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  • The toilet seat doesn't bother me anymore.

    I kinda laugh it off.

    Not loudly.

    Anyway, :D hmm throat clearing. That loud noise they make before spitting.
    My sister does that sometimes and >:(

  • I have never lived with a boyfriend or a guy friend but I don't like when they burp out loud right in front of me.