Apps for ipad mini?

I recently got me an Ipad mini as a gift... so i was wondering if y'all know of any cool apps that i could download onto my Ipad mini? Anything goes on this one...


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  • Get one of those astronomy apps you can use to see where the different stars and planets are. The best app for this that I'm familiar with, Skeye, is only for Android, but there must be great free ones for Apple too. They really enrich quality of life if you have any interest in science, space, the universe, etc.

    Enjoy that iPad. :)

    • Now astronomy is one of things i am interested in... Thank you for the info...

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  • get kik and facebook instagram games get ski safari , if u like online games like wow u can get order & chaos 2 if u want more just ask me

    • Never heard of the app KIK now that sounds cool... Now for Facebook Instagram is what i downloaded as well... thank you...