For those that look younger than they are?

I'm 34 but look 24 without my beard, late 20's with my beard. My question is, when you meet a person your same age and they look that age, do you view them as older. Not maturity wise, just older because they look older than you. I typically view a person that's 34 and looks 34 as older. I have to remind myself sometimes that we are the same age.


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  • Yeah lmao. One of my classmates is the same age as me but she looks so much older and I think of her as an older, more mature person.


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  • hmm i get what ur saying, but i only do this based on their personality. say they look 21 as well but act 16, i won't view them as older, even if i look 18.

  • I'm almost 32 and people are always shocked to find that out, probably because I don't have kids and I'm not dreadfully mature.

    I don't know, people my age... I don't see them as older, I always had friends of many different ages so age is not something I really associate with behaviour.

    I won't lie though, when I meet people my age who have lived in the city I do feel a lot better about my appearance, a lot of women look so haggard by 32. It's sad.

    • I work with quite a few people around my age and I always view them as older, some haven't aged well, others just let themselves go, others have gone bald. In my mind there 40 and not my age. Even those that age appropriately seem older in my mind because they look older than me.

    • I don't really know of a lot of people my age, women at least. Do they seem older? Not sure, many seem a lot duller.

  • I often get mistaken for 18 years old. However, I don't view anyone else my age as older or more mature. I see us as equals.


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