Is she not interested or being a bitch?

So, I was talking to this girl from another town and she was cool. She had a hard time replying back because she replies back at different times. It's like whenever I'm not on my phone, she replies. Then, her sister thinks that I was fake because I was too good just to be true. I even did a reverse image search to prove I was real. The girl started to ignore me out of nowhere, then finally decided to reply back more frequently. She even ask me if I was catfishing her.


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  • She's just careful, which is good. You never know what/who is hiding behind the screen, better to be a "bitch" and get answers instead of being nice and get heartbroken later on.


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  • You said you were talking. But you were texting? You know that is not talking, right?


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  • her sisters feeding her opinions. and she's probaly busy.
    i dont respnd back super quick either. ill go 2-3 days without even texting my best friend, or ill set m y phone down in random places and forget.


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