What do you think of the ending of The Shining?

So i just finished The Shining and the end really confused me. I mean i did have an initial thought on what it ment that I think sounds pretty legit but i looked online for explaination and a lot of people think something completely different. Ill tell you my thoughts first. Please don't continue if you haven't seen the movie or you can if you want. its a free country. !!! SPOILERS!!!

So i think that Jack is in a way like the ghost of the man in the picture at the end that was the original "cabin fever" killer. ( i appologize if my info isn't correct. I've only watched this movie once.) but maybe not so much ghost as he just is a spirit. my reason for diferentiating is because i dont think he's just a human soul. how can a plain human soul live on and act as a demon, invading people's bodies? i mean he wasn't some special guy so what i think is that he his the man in the photo' spirit that was corrupt or possesed by the spirit of the hotel, basically made into this demon like spirit by the hotel because we can't deny that the hotel seems to have a life to it. like all of the visions in the hotel of Lloyd and the party in the gold ball room and some of you may say that was just Jack's insanity of the man in the picture's effect on him but then why did Wendy see it too? like the man in the dog suit and the 20s-ish dressed man in one of the rooms? it was the hotel showing them this.
Let's move on the the caretaker in the 70s, Charles Grady, the man who killed his wife and two girls. i actually don't have a lot to say about him because his whole character really confuses me. he's not in the movie at all ecept for when he is mentioned in the beginning. some may forget and say the butler is Charles Grady but actually he is DELBERT Grady. and when he talks about his wife and daughters he doesn't say they are twins so maybe this man is simply Charles Grady's great grandfather. I will continue the rest in the opinion's section...

anyway that's all i really have to say about Grady. basically the same thing happened to him as did to Jack i think but maybe there is more to it. this will likely be my last point but now you may be wondering why Jack simply looks like the man in the photo. Well what i think is that in reality he doesn't. This is once again a trick or more, a revealing of what is inside by the hotel again but this time to US, the audience. once again i will continue in another opinion. almost done...
so basically Jack looks like his true self to everyone else in this movie. no one ever comments on his appearance and he is never seen outside of the hotel, where the spirit resides, at least from what i could remember. and that's basically what i get from the movie. What do you guys think!


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  • The Shining is great! Like, what could be greater than Stephen King + Stanley Kubrick? XD

    Well, that's what I think:

    - The hotel is clearly haunted, but because of the tragedies that happened in the past. The book explains characters like the Old Lady at the 237 room and the guy with the bear costume.
    - People usually say Charles/Delbert Grady are manifestations of the same entity, they're the same person. There isn't no other explanation, except it's a continuity error (absolutely not).

    You probably liked the movie and the directions it can take. If you like movies that make you think "Wait, WHAT?" after you finished, watch A Tale of Two Sisters. It's a Korean movie, a good one. I had to watch it three times to understand everything that happened.

    • Yeah that's exactly what I said xD I wa so damn confused and I'll definitely have to watch A Tale of Two Sisters


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  • Which movie did you see? There was one with Jack Nicholson that didn't follow the book and a four part mini series that did follow the book. Stephen King was very disappointed by the first movie because of its being so far from the book that he made the mini series. I encourage you to read the book. It was on the best seller list a very long time and is one of his best and scariest books. I don't like people that only watch movies instead of reading works of art. In books you know what a character is thinking. You never get that from a movie. When you've read the book then we'll talk

    • i watched the Jack Nicholson one. an i do want to read the book sometime. im very interested in King's unique stories :)

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    • ok good to know! ill have to try one out :) so what is your interpretation of The Shining or will it give away something in the book?

    • I'm not going to give anything away. He is also an excellent short story writer

  • One of the great mysteries of that film. Lot's of theories, but I don't know if there is one reason. The answer (s) are likely not based on straight logic, but then again, neither is the Overlook Hotel! Check out the film "Room 237" - an analytical AND theoretical look at the symbolism behind the film that attempts to answer some of these mysteries as well as exposing some very curious hidden themes. Kubrick was a very interesting cat, and his films are greatly open to interpretation.

    • sure! im open to new ideas. and i think ill have to watch mover of his films. this is the only one i think I've seen but maybe I've seen one without knowing

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    • Honestly, all of them are amazing. He only made about 9 if I'm not mistaken. My favorites are The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, and the often misunderstood and unappreciated Eyes Wide Shut (his final film). You should watch them all though, preferably chronologically.

    • Also, you have to keep in mind that several of his films are based on novels (including The Shining by the great Master of Macabre Stephen King) with plots and themes that he deviates from in his films in order to convey his own themes, etc.

  • The ending was just supposed to represent that the Hotel "claimed" Jack, so now he is a ghost there like everyone else. That's why he appeared in the picture dated 1922. It's not saying he literally was from the past and was there, because of course he wasn't. That is merely symbolic of how the Hotel has its history and power over people, so when it claimed Jack he appeared in the picture to represent this.

    • yes but this is just more a matter of opinion. that's just how art is. good art has multiple way to interpret it. think of it like a surrealist painting like a Dali or something. Dali might have had his own meaning for his painting but that doesn't mean it should be everyone's meaning. i find a lot more evidence shown favoring my idea but that is probably just how my brain works :/

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  • I think it showed he died with the rest of the people or he was just a ghost the whole time! 👀