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go on webstagram and type in "WCE" to have an idea of the type of guy, that girls go for and to your surprise u would be hurt seeing how girls have so low standards even guys who look like animals and have tattoos an look like gang bangers some descent looking girls go for them what a sick world i'm thinking maybe i should chose a girl wh owon't go for these kind of guys but it's like girls of every race love unemployed ugly uneducated gangbangers i think Wast Asian girls was an option but too many of them are into white guys and a lot of them also go with stupid guys so i guess our world has gone to the dogs i'll stay single. I hope people take up the challenge and pray for these poor lost girls who are no better than prostitutes


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  • Do you have it out for gangbangers or something because you listed them twice.

    And yeah it's not that shocking it's what they want. Oh well *shrugs shoulders*

    • i guess they are losers so it makes the dating pool of quality women reduced


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  • Lol I don't even know where to start... but, yes the generation has gotten kinda bad. But there are still those good girls out there, the ones u might be wanting to find:)

  • you sound so bitter lmao chill


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