Should we round up all the illegal immigrants and deport them all?

I see the point people are making that why bother having immigration laws if we're just going to pick and choose who they apply to. My dad is an immigrant who went through the entire legal process, and has been a citizen ever since, but on the same token I know quite a few people actually who have come to the US illegally due to some really horrendous situations in their home countries and honestly if I were in their position, I would have done the same for my family, so its hard for me to simply throw the books of laws at everyone and get on a stand and start saying we need to just throw everyone out. Eleven million people is A LOT of people and as it stands now, I don't see how it would even be feasible or prudent to kick them all out and not suffer any ill effects or to break up families that may have now been here for decades. What do you think?


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  • That certainly makes sense. I understand some immigrants come from bad places but, however that doesn't excuse them from breaking national law. Offer them the chance to register or have them be deported.

    • That's exactly what one of my friends who has lived here for nearly 20 years (brought here as a child by her mother... not by choice). She filed her paperwork, had to pay a fine, and now she is in the process of becoming a legal citizen. I mean, I think this is more prudent then just saying, oh let's kick you out because for her, it was not a choice to come here.

    • She should stay she at least making an effort to become a legal cittzen


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  • This is a very sensitive subject. The illegal problem is placing a huge financial burden on the USA. We're considered a wealthy country but even we have our limits. Tough choices are going to have to be made. Look at the refugee problem in Europe and how they're handling it but the USA is a bunch of assholes for being the same way? Why?

    • Its an extremely sensitive subject, but can the solution really be, okay, no matter you story or circumstance we just round you up and ship you out? Who's allowed to do this and how? Who pays for all this rounding up and detaining and shipping out? How do we deal with the impact that it would have on the workforce? Illegal immigrants often work jobs no one wants to do and for cheap... American's going to work for cheap... they are already demanding 15$/hr for minimum wage jobs? I think going forward we should be tough on immigration if we're going to abide by our laws, but the deportation of 11 million people, I think would hurt us far more than help us at this juncture. It's hard because there are two sides to the story.

  • Anyone who thinks this is a good idea is brainless

  • I don't think we need squads of enforcement agents kicking down doors, but I'm fine with immigration violators being detained and deported whenever they are discovered by police or other agencies.

    • but what if they have children who are American born for example. You can deport mom/dad, but then who is going to care for their children especially if the parents have fled to this country to escape some horrible situation back in their home country? This is why I'm so torn on this because generally I'm like follow the law, but this is far more complicated then just some letters written in a book. Most people have broken the law to some degree from time to time and not been caught, so we can't be all high and mighty and pretend laws are absolute and everyone is treated the same for the same laws.

    • @Asker Children need a guardian, so if there is a local guardian they can stay with them. It is horrible the parents would choose to put their children in this position by violating the law in the first place, but that's what they did. If their is no local potential guardian then the kids will have to leave with the parents and are free to return as adults. The impact is little different than when parents make any other major violation of the law, it ends up hurting their own kids, which is a major motivator to not break the law in the first place. If the parents were breaking into homes instead of breaking into the country the kids would be relocated to a new home, likely new school, etc.

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