Girls, Why are girls with small breasts so ashamed of them?

i can understand am male so i won't understand as some have said before, but still i personally like smaller breasts, nearly all my previous partners have been a C cup and they were ashamed of that...


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  • It's because in this generation there is ALOT! of body shaming going around, if you have small boobs people call you "flat chested" and when you have big boobs they are apparently "fake". People are to judgmental, and mostly all girls choose to listen to the people judging them which leads to low self esteem and lack of confidence.

    • this is very true body shaming has got worse, but this can also be caused from social media, photo shopping and magazines saying that a person needs to look like that


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  • I think smaller breast would make them feel like an inadequate female. Hence the feeling of being ashamed about them. The girls you were with who have C cup breast sizes thinking they have small breast sounds very petty to me. They are average. Anything small i would assume being an A cup and maybe some B cup sizes aswell. I see C cup breast sizes being average.

    • See they thought they were small as there fiends were a;; in D's

  • I think it's similar to penis size - but not ALL women are obsessed with their breast size...