Who's in their twenties (preferably early) and living on their own?

Im in my early twenties and I really want to move out of my parents' house. Nothing against them, it's just I had the experience of living on my own in college and I loved it. Now I just want to continue that path before I get too comfortable staying in their house. Plus, some of my friends have their own places now and I really look up to them. It seems like the ones who have their own place are a lot more ambitious and just overall, smart. My friends who still live under their parents' roof seem less ambitious, less motivated to do anything, not really moving forward, etc. The thing right now with me is that I am struggling with finding a stable job. I know what I want to do but its hard to get in that industry. So while I work at it, I need money so I need a side job. I know many people working part-time jobs or two and have their own place. All things depend of course but the average they pay is usually $500/month with a regular job. Is it worth it? The smart thing to do is to stay with my parents until I make it and am ready to live on my own, not just move out and work hard to maintain it which is what a lot of people I know are doing. So what should I do? Please help. I need to begin a new chapter in my life but for the better.


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