Why do people speak to me?

I'm not saying this is a bad thing, it's just I'm not really used to it.

Today, at Uni, at least 10 people who aren't even on my course came to speak to me.

I was eating alone at the restaurant on one occasion and this one girl came to my table and started talking to me. There were other places to sit as well.

Then people were talking to me when I was getting coffees.

I'm not used to it because I think I'm quite intimidating.


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  • I guess you must have look like a nice guy!


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  • You sound more intimidated by people talking to you then intimidating. They talk to you because they want to make a new connection. They don't want to be an ant having ant like interactions. They want to get to know you. And the more people talk to you and people see you interacting the less intimidating you look and feel because now you are questioning how intimidating you actually are. Someone broke that barrier and you now seem more approachable because you wonder if more people will approach you. You know what i'm saying?

    • Hey, not all the John Cena guys can be famous and loved by thousands, right? Most just get "oh shit he's gonna rape every body in this mcdonalds!" looks. I give him a pass for having social anxieties.


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  • It's called being social.


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  • Maybe a high influx of people not judging you on your looks? What's intimidating about you?

    • I'm really tall and burly!

  • well just be nice. and it will be fine.