Are you good at packing? Do you have tips?

I'm going on a trip in February (4 days, 3 nights) and the place I'm going will be warm I'm assuming? I think Houston is decently warm in Feb, yeah?

But my problem is my flight gets in at 11am & check in is at 3pm. Same for check out. Check out is at 11am, my flight is at 5pm.

My goal, due to the times, is to pack JUST a backpack, so I can wander a bit between checkin and checkout. But I'm not sure if it's entirely possible. Any suggestions?


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  • Don't overpack.
    You'll want an outfit for each day. If you don't mind rewearing jeans/shorts, only bring 1 or 2 pairs. Don't bring more than 1 pair of pajamas (really you only sleep in them so who cares).
    Try to minimize makeup/lotions/beauty regimens. You don't need to bring everything. If you can cut it down to only mascara/eyeliner/foundation and can fit it in a pocket, that's ideal.

    One of my friends has backpacked to Europe for over a month. If you want to save space, you need to cut back on what you bring.

    If you just bring bare necessities, it will all fit.
    Travelsized shampoo/conditioners are helpful.

    • Yeah I know bare necessities I just am not sure the best method of making the bare necessities fit, I guess. Thanks for the help :)

    • Basically just try to stuff it in there!
      Utilize pockets.


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  • Rolling your clothes into outfits saves a lot more space at the cost of a couple wrinkles if you don't do it exactly right. If it's really hard to zip close, just pull the zipper together. Once it's zipped, it's much stronger.

  • I've never been anywhere since adult hood more than 4 days (unless you count relatives) so I'm not an expert for that long of a trip. Good luck with just a backpack. I think you'll need at least one more bag.

  • Hotels are okay about holding luggage for you until you need it. So you should be able to leave any luggage at reception for a couple of hours on arrival and departure day.

    • Not sure how I feel about that honestly. It's like a borderline motel I think, so I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my belongings somewhere when I'm not even checked in there.

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  • No I am horrible at packing.