How can I make friends?

I've always only had like 1 or 2 good friends and I was fine with that, but I'm pretty much down to one good friend and i'm really only friends with him cause I don't have anyone else. I'm just really bored and tired of entertaining myself.


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  • Meh, I only have a few good friends as well. The friends who invite me to places or to hang out, don't really care as much about me as my few good friends.

    What I mean is that it's alright if you only have a few friends, if you are bored however, I would befriend someone work, school or my neighborhood. I actually met one friend because I would go walking in my neighborhood everyday. Everyone knows me here now.


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  • If you're in HS or uni, try joining some clubs that interest you. Volunteering is good too. In general, it will be easiest to find some group activity where you have common ground with those attending and work from there.


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  • join a club.


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