Should this man be trusted to have a "service" with?

I am currently studying in college and I have other debts to pay of so I have resorted to escorting and having "sessions" for money. I have funnily enough enjoyed it and have had some very pleasant and easy going men.

I have one client who asked to meet up just for a coffee to break the ice we had a good conversation and have decided that he would be a client of mine. He asked me what I do for actual work and I told him, then when I asked what he does he said "office admin for research" then when I asked what sort of research, he didn't become defensive but stuttered and didn't know what to say for a good 30 seconds. He then said "I will tell you next time, it is nothing illegal though"


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  • I know you are thinking it would be easier to just see the same people since the set up is already done and you know him. However if you are going to be in that occupation. it is not advised to see the same people when personal questions are beginning to be asked. either keep it professional or get out of that business.
    Never go for coffee or anything out of the agreed meet for business.

    You will be setting yourself up to be just another forgettable statistic.

    • Why is that?

    • Do I really need to teach you common sense? You are an object that will not be respected. these dudes who pay for your services are a bit twisted as well and has a lot of emotional connection issues, otherwise they would not need to pay for sex. getting close and going places with john's is setting you to be in a vulnerable situations that could cause circumstances beyond erasing.
      what are you expecting to come from this? A relationship , a friendship, even as a business relation? how have you not thought of these consequences before is beyond comprehension. your lack of common sense could be a death wish, how do you not see that?

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  • That's weird. I wonder if he's giving you a fake story so that people he knows don't find out he's using an escort?


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  • well you're an escort. he's asking himself if you could be trusted. you're the escort remember.

  • You're already in prostitution, why worry?


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  • sound's like now you are getting in over your head. Going on trial meet up's is mixing your business side now with your personal side. Keep them John's as clients only unless you want to open up Pandora's box.

    PS let us know what he says he researches?