Does it sound like I am depressed, what do you guys think?

i can't find the motivation to go through fully with anything. i can't commit.
for example, my friend found me this job with great pay and i mean GREAT. all i need to do is learn the material which is just trial and error of a couple months and you're golden.

i have the desire to work and make money. i want to buy things. but when it comes down to it i just say fuck it and quit. i've mainly had a problem with jobs. i have the desire and goals but the motivation to take action is never there.


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  • I think you do. Go to the doctor.

    • you think? I am not just lazy? My parents and my whole family just thinks i am lazy because i never worked and i am bad at school... and i don't care about anything.

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    • They won't. Go for it, or it might just get harder. :) @apple24

    • too late I already drop out of so many classes... ugh the struggle thank thou.

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  • No, depression is not laziness. Laziness is something we all can overcome on our own, depression is something serious that needs to be treated or worked on.

    If you are struggling to find motivation or you keep distracting yourself then
    1. Remove the distractions, no matter what they are.
    2. Remind yourself of why it's important that you do what you have to do. Do you have a person you do it for? A life goal? Anything is good.
    3. Think about how much of your future might depend on it.
    4. This sounds stupid but: Just do it! Gotta earn money? Get your ass up to find work, look how much you can gain of work! You can play games instead? Just don't! It takes some power but overcoming your laziness feels great, especially if you get things done.


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  • You sound like my brother (ultimate procrastinator). I don't think you are suffering from depression as much as you are suffering from lack of motivation. Just remember you have to do this for yourself, so you don't get judged by others.

  • You sound like me! Yes you are depressed.

  • Perhaps just lazy.. that's what it seems like to me. Try finding new ways to learn this material if you think this is a great opportunity.


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  • You just sound lazy. Quit making excuses and be a man!